Registration for 12 looks slot
Terms & Conditions

1. Complete payment has to be made at least before one month from the date of event.

2. Each participant should possess valid GST, PAN and other pre-requisites.

3. DH Fashion Week reserves all the rights to allot the discussed slot to another brand if the existing brand does not satisfy the payment terms.

4. Post confirmation any brand cannot share or transfer the space with any other brand, no matter what may be it association.

5. The payment receipt has to be collected by the participant, at the venue during the event.

6. No refund shall be entertained for cancellation made (for any reason) of the booked space.

7. Participants are solely responsible for their items displayed at the event.

8. DH Fashion Week has the right of the slot pricing and is purely under the discretion of the DH Management to fix on the pricing.

9. The organizers are not responsible for the number or profile of visitors but the organizers will ensure to market the event to the best possible.

10. In case of unforeseen circumstances or due to natural calamities the show gets Cancelled, DH Fashion Week is not liable for any refunds.

11. The organizer has the right to amend any terms and conditions of the above without prior notice.